About Malta

The Maltese Islands have often been referred to as the island of sunshine and history and with good reason. With a history boasting 6,000 years of civilisation, every square meter of its land, its temples and monuments bear witness to these past civilisations. For those with an appetite for culture, Malta and Gozo are strewn with fascinating historical and archaeological sites. In Malta one finds the oldest free standing stone temples in the world dating to 1000 years before the pyramids of Egypt.

Museum lovers will find a variety of treasures to discover. Each museum houses fabulous artifacts from various fields and era be it art, archaeology, natural history, war time, neolithic temples, the golden era of the Knights of Malta or our celebrated maritime history. More treasures can be found in one of the 364 churches built on the island!

For those interested in old fortifications built at the time of the Knights of St. John, military and historical parades are regularly staged. Visitors travel back in time. If one really wishes to fully understand Malta’s history, then one may attend one of the multi-vision shows which illustrates Maltese history throughout.

No visitor has ever been to Malta and left without visiting her sister islands, Gozo and Comino. Gozo, aptly referred to as the island where time stands still because of the tranquility it exudes, is greener than Malta and more rural allowing for sweeping views of terraced fields, glimmering shore-lines, and imposing churches. Comino, a mile long and uninhabited, is a veritable paradise with a lagoon bluer than turquoise.

And for those who wish to take it easier, simply stroll around our charming towns and villages and enjoy the uniqueness and tranquility that is so very typical of the Islands.