The Advantages In A Nutshell

• A highly educated English speaking work force (English being one of the two official languages )

• Stable political scenario with a two party system

• Very low crime rate

• Comparatively low costs for setting up and running a business and low cost of living when compared with Europe.

• A flexible and easy to approach Regulator covering all aspects of financial services.

• All legislation are in both Maltese and English.

• A pleasant climate

• Easy access to all Major European cities

• A stable economy with low unemployment and very liquid and solid international and local banks.

• Availability of quality office and residential accommodation for lease or for sale at reasonable prices.

• Favourable tax regime

• Members of the EU

• Members of the Eurozone

• Part of Schengen

• Availability of quality office and residential accommodation at very competitive rates.

• Liberal foreign direct investment regime

• Freedom of movement of foreign currency

• Free zone area available

• A large well established Freeport

• A good choice of banking legal and accounting services

• A investor oriented environment

• Democratic country with a free market economy.

• Various attractive residency schemes

• No Capital gains tax and no stamp upon transfer of shares

• No underlying tax

• No property or wealth tax

• No transfer pricing regulation

• No tax on dividend income

Residency Schemes

Ordinary Residence for EU and EEA  nationals

Ordinary residents for non EU nationals

Long term residence

Malta Retirement Residency Scheme

Malta Global Residency Programme

The high Net Worth Residency Scheme