Accountancy and Assurance

Accounting Services

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Our firm offers accounting services to firms in very diverse industries, from firms in the manufacturing industry to firms in the hospitality and service industry.

Our services incorporates all levels of accountancy, from book keeping and reconciliations up to trial balance stage as well as debtors control, stock control etc..

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We provide this service in house for smaller companies as well as at the client’s premises for medium or larger firms, we can also negotiate a fixed monthly management fee which can include all book keeping, accountancy and management and tax consultancy, thus avoiding the staff problems and at the same time ensuring the highest level of service

Audit and Assurance Services

All companies in Malta are required to prepare audited financial statements. Our firm can provide this service for all types of companies.

At Ciantar Associates we encourage our clients to view the audit process as an opportunity to identify areas where systems can be improved and where efficiency is optimized.

Audits are carried out according to IFRS and our audit staff are fully qualified and experienced individuals.

Besides financial audits we also provide compliance, operational and investigative audits where required.