International Tax Planning

In today’s world tax is an important cost factor which has to be given careful due consideration ideally before commencement of business. Too often we are faced with situations where clients come to us after having set up all their structures in order to assist them in ways to mitigate their tax bill, when it would have been far easier and cheaper had they come to us at the onset .

In many situations with some careful planning one can significantly mitigate one’s total tax bill especially in cases of cross border business as well as in cases of group structures in various jurisdictions.

Our firm has over 25 years of experience in assisting clients achieve a lower overall tax bill by making use of not only Malta’ s extremely favourable tax regime, but also our extensive network of professionals in various different competences in numerous jurisdictions and continents which we have built over all these years. Thus enabling us to give our client a total comprehensive advise not only on the Maltese perspective of any proposed tax structure but also on their tax situation in their country of residence as well as the overall situation in every jurisdiction in which they plan to carry out business.

By means of our affiliations in AGN International alone , a world wide association of separate and independent accounting and consulting firms represented in 92 countries and 199 member firms and 465 offices and over 10, 000 partners and staff , we can virtually guarantee you that we will be able to give you the best tax advise for any international structure you might have or are thinking of setting up anywhere in the world. Not to mention all our other networks of accountants , financial advisors, wealth management companies , tax advisors and also legal firms specialising in areas as diversified as corporate finance to litigation and mergers and acquisitions.
Please feel free to contact us for an initial free consultation on any issues related to tax with any structure worldwide you might have. We will do our best to assist you or at least refer you to member firm of our association or one of our other close contacts.

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